Ever feel as if you’re in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike?

Update, September 2019: Natural 20 PR is no longer an active thing! I’m stepping away from games PR and marketing so I can do more in the area of making stuff.

If you’d like to follow my writing and game design work, check out the Rockett Science blog and my articles at See Page XX webzine.

If you’re playing a game, that’s totally cool and fun. But if you’re trying to write an article about a game, put together a panel or workshop, or offer fun gaming experiences at your convention, it’s not cool and fun at all.

I can help connect you with some of the top publishers and designers in the tabletop games hobby. I’ll work with you to arrange interviews and guest appearances; obtain artwork, review copies, and preview content; and arrange support and promotion for GMs running games by any of my clients.

If I can lend a hand with your article, podcast, blog or event on behalf of any of my clients, email me at wade@natural20pr.com